• Blair Castro

Chloe Diehl-Fulton: Inspiring Young Minds at Mother Clelia High School

For the past year, Chloe Diehl-Fulton has been teaching teenagers with special educational needs at Mother Clelia Morning Star High School in Pensacola, Florida.

Chloe Diehl-Fulton began advocating for children with special needs in 2015 after working with Autism Pensacola Inc. over the summer. While spending time in the classroom, Diehl-Fulton recognized the need for adult transition services for students diagnosed with medical and cognitive disorders. For many young adults, vocational rehabilitation and on-the-job training are not suitable options after high school completion. She then used her connections from Pensacola Young Professionals and UWF to start a conversation about neuro-diverse integration into the Pensacola community. Working alongside Autism Pensacola Inc. and their mission, Chloe Diehl-Fulton identified the critical need for interpersonal conflict resolution training and ADA compliant hiring practices in our local workforce.

Mother Clelia Morning Star High School is a Catholic secondary program in Pensacola, FL. Their team of three highly qualified women educators create a holistic and engaging learning environment for our students. Their program is designed to provide different instruction with social-emotional support for students with exceptional needs. For many young women, finding the right cultural fit nurtures academic performance. Students who feel connected to one another through their values, beliefs, and personal interests are more likely to persist throughout their high school career. This program allows students to build their tribe and hype each other up. This school is a wonderful example of women empowering young women, as well as other young people.

Diehl-Fulton is encouraged by the impact that teaching has on the Pensacola community and by the women here who are making history in their own way. Teaching is a profession that either exhilarates you or it doesn’t. I am incredibly thankful for the two women I work with every day. We support one another professionally and personally. We demonstrate this relationship to our students through laughter, hugs, and thorough problem-solving discussions. We want to show our young women that female bonds are life-changing. By cheering on another woman’s success, you gain a heightened sense of fulfillment,” she explains.

Diehl-Fulton is inspired by many women, however, says that the woman who inspires her the most is her mom. “Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs, and I cannot imagine the depth of patience a person must have to be a mom. My mom taught me kindness, discipline, persistence, faith, and innovative-thinking. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.”

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