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Dr. Tim Smith: Newly Appointed Superintendent of Escambia County School District

Dr. Tim Smith, Superintendent of Escambia County School District

Dr. Tim Smith is the newly appointed superintendent of the Escambia County School District. He is excited to lead the district and is focused on building upon the many successes that the district has experienced. Prior to his recent appointment, he was an executive area director in the Orange County Public School’s High School Office where he supervised 10 high schools. Tim worked for 31 years with Orange County Public Schools in the Orlando metropolitan area and one year in Leesburg, Florida with Lake County Public Schools.

Dr. Smith began teaching in 1988 at Leesburg High School in Lake County. He taught U.S. Government, U.S. History, World History and Economics. He then moved to Orange County where he continued teaching social studies and a few sections of business education at Lakeview Middle School.

In January of 1994, Dr. Smith entered administration as a dean at Lakeview Middle School. One-and-a-half years later in the summer of 1995, he was appointed as an assistant principal at Jackson Middle School.

In 1999, Dr. Smith became a principal; a role he would continue in for 19 years at two middle schools and a high school. From 1999 to 2005, he was the principal at Howard Middle School. In January of 2005, he became the principal of a new school named Freedom Middle School. In 2010, Dr. Smith became the principal of Winter Park High School and led the school for eight years. He moved into the executive area director position in 2018.

Dr. Smith has been exponentially blessed to be married to his wonderful wife Kim for over 30 years and to have an adult son, Luke, and an adult daughter, Quin, who both bring great joy to him and his wife.

Tim is honored to work with the talented and dedicated School Board Members of the Escambia County School District. He emphasizes the importance of a united community working together for our educational system to continually strive for each and every student to learn, graduate, and embrace exciting opportunities for the future.

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