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Giant Steps Barrier Breakers Award Includes Out Front Magazine’s Admiral Leroy

Out Front Magazine (OFM) owner and publisher emeritus Admiral Leroy was honored by the Institute for Sport and Social Justice’s (ISSJ) 2021 Giant Steps Barrier Breakers Award as part of the institute’s recognition of the 1955 Pensacola Jaycees & Orlando Kiwanis Little League teams.

The players of the 1955 Pensacola Jaycees & Kiwanis Little League teams were recognized both in the film “Long Time Coming” and by this award for being the first to racially integrate youth baseball in the Deep South.

According to the institute’s site, the award is intended to be given to a diverse group of individuals who have shown courage, heroism, and triumph in the midst of adversity and community activism through the power of sport. It has previously been won by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Nelson Mandela, Robin Roberts, Muhammad Ali and others.

The award ceremony was live streamed on April 6 and can be viewed online here:

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